Curse of Strahd

The Bones of St. Andral and the Coffin Maker

"What's your passive intimidation?"

Late that night, a boy named Yeska timidly knocked on the door to the room where  Xiao Wen and Carric slept.  Yeska said he heard that a cleric had arrived in Vallaki, and had been sent by the village priest, Lucian Petrovich, to inquire.  Yeska asked which god Carric served, and was pleased to hear that Carric followed a good-aligned deity.  Yeska then asked if Carric and Xiao Wen would accompany him back to St. Andral, the village church, and speak with Lucian.

On their way to the church, they observe lightning far off to the south in the mountains, and then a purple flash from somewhere on the north side of town. Yeska says there are sometimes purple lights coming from the Vallaki Burgomeister's house.  Yeska also reveals that he's afraid of Izek Strazni, who works for the Burgomeister; he said Izek can shoot fireballs from his deformed hand.

At the church, Lucian confides to Carric that that the relics of St Andral, which protected the church from maurauding wolves and other dark creatures, were  recently been stolen. Lucian is afraid the church will be attacked some night.  He refers to Strahd as "the devil."  He also mentions that Vallaki recently celebrated a festival in which wolf heads were placed on spikes around town, and that another festival centered around the sun is being prepared, but Lucian is dismissive that the festivals serve any use.

Carric questions Yeska, who admits to telling an older boy named Milivoj that St. Andral's bones were in a secret crypt under the church's altar. Intimidated by Xiao Wen, Milivoj acknowledges taking the bones and giving them to Henrick van der Voort, the village coffin-maker.  The coffin-maker is apparently not very popular around the town, at least in part because of his macabre profession.

They head to Henrick's shop.  On the way, some strange noises from a blacked-out house draw their attention.  They attempt to enter the house but are attacked by swarms of rats.  After killing the rats, they find only broken and decayed furniture inside, plus one framed painting with the subject's face mysteriously scratched out.

They visit Henrick's shop, near Vallaki's Morning Gate (on the east side of the village).  At first, Henrick doesn't want to talk, but later gives in, and acknowledges having the bones.  He indicates the bones are in hidden in his bedroom above his coffin shop, but Henrick himself flees after hinting that someone else in the shop made him do it.  Carric, upon casting a Detect spell, senses an undead creature in the upper story of the building.

They locate the bones hidden under a cabinet in Henrick's bedroom. Next to the bones is a bag with a small number of silver coins, which contain the portrait of an unknown person. Xiao Wen swaps one of the strange coins for one of his own silver pieces.  As they try to leave, they are attached by a vampire spawn, but Carric Turns Dead, and the pair escape and return to St. Andral.

The priest, upon hearing that the vampire spawn remains at large, shames the pair into returning to the coffin maker's shop to kill it.  He gives some advice on killing vampires, including providing the pair with some holy water.

After a battle, they impale  the vampire spawn with a wooden stake in its heart.

Outside, they spot a raven.  Xiao Wen communicates with the bird, who strangely encourages them to hide their weapons.  The pair buries some of their weapons in the ground, then returns to the church. 

 Yeska says that Izek Strazant, a henchmen of Vallaki's BUrgomaster (Baron Vargan Vallakovich), has arrested the rest of the party in the middle of the night.  The party have been accused of being involved with some sort of attack or robbery of a carnival caravan in Vallaki.  To avoid being captured, Xiao Wen and Carric spend the rest of the night hidden in the crypt under St Andral's altar.








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